Huck Finn was living with the Widow Douglas and her sister Miss Watson, but he didn't really like the civilized way that they lived. Huck wanted to live in the woods by himself and be able to smoke whenever he wanted. That was his idea of being free. However, he was forced to live with the Widow because he father had "died." When his father comes back, everyone realizes that he wasn't really dead. He demands that Huck comes to live with him, but the Widow and Miss Watson don't want that to happen. Pap, as Huck calls him, isn't the nicest kind of man. He beats Huck, drinks a lot, and curses. When Huck refuses to go with him, Pap comes and takes him away. They go to a cabin deep in the woods where Huck is trapped inside all day everyday with no way out. Pap only lets him out of the cabin when he is told to go down to the river and check for fish. Huck finally gets away from the house by making it look like someone broke in and murdered him. He uses a conoe that he found and goes down the river to Jackson's Island. When he gets there, he finds Jim, Miss Watson's slave, and promises that he won't turn him in. Jim ran away from Miss Watson when he overheard her say that she was going to sell him down south. Jim and Huck get a raft and float down the Mississippi River to find Cairo. Once they reach Cairo, Jim will be free and he won't have to hide anymore. Huck has to go to shore quite a few times and pretend to be someone else so that he can get things for he and Jim to eat and also to get information on who is looking for them. They finally find out that Miss Watson died and gave Jim his freedom. So, Jim is free, but Huck doesn't want to go live with him. He decides to stay on the raft.

I liked that the book was packed with adventure. There was rarely ever a dull moment. I also liked how you could tell the characters apart by the way they spoke.

I didn't like how the chapters were just the adventures. I would have liked it better if Twain wouldn't have skipped so much time between all of the chapters.

What Can We Learn From Reading This Book?
We learn that no matter how different someone is, you can't judge them until you really know them. Skin color has nothing to do with a person's personality. Huck and Jim became great friends depsite the fact that Jim was a black slave and Huck was white.

What Role Does Society Play In Shaping Who We Are?
A lot of people look at today's society and get influenced by what everyone else is doing. A lot of people do things that everyone else thinks is right, not what they think is right.

What Does Freedom Mean To You?
To me, freedom means being able to believe what you want to believe and not letting anyone else influence that.

How Do You Go About Making Important Decisions?
When I have to make an important decision, I always weigh the pros and cons of my options. I pick what I think would be the best option. I never make a decision without first thinking it through.

What Does Huck Finn Teach Us About What It Means To Be Human?
The book teaches us that if all your rights are taken from you, if you can be sold like and object from person to person, than you are not being treated as a human.