Name: Miss Watson
Headline: "In God We Trust."

About Me: I'm Miss Watson. I live with my sister, the Widow Douglas, and the child she took in, Huckleberry Finn. I enjoy reading from the bible and scolding those who do not agree with me. I believe that if you are a good person and you do what God says is right, then you will go to heaven. If you do otherwise, you won't.

Huckleberry was taken by his wretched father today, if you can even call him a father at all. That man is surely some sort of devil. I would rather have Huckleberry back in this house, not abiding by any of mine and my sister's rules than to have him out on his own with that evil man. In all honesty, I miss having him around already. He wasn't the most educated or the most well behaved child, but I would have very much enjoyed turning him into a proper young lad.

News of Huckleberry is still yet to come. I am beginning to grow awfully worried and my sister is just as worried as I, if not more. She enjoyed having him with us. On another note, I feel as though I am becoming ill. I am planning on visitng a doctor in town tomorrow, though I am afraid of what he might tell me. I will pray every night, for myself, and for poor Huckleberry.

I just recieved the news, all bad. My doctor has diagnosed me with the flu. He says I should make it through, but my mind is telling me otherwise. I also was informed that Huckleberry was murdered. I have yet to cry about it, but it is rather sad. I did my best to pray for him and for myself, but it didn't work. But I shall still have faith in my God. This is the fate He planned for me to have and the same goes for Huckleberry. Everyone is saying that his Pap had nothing to do with this, but I like to think otherwise.

In all that has been going on, I have seemed to forgotten all about old Jim. There are tales of him murdering Huckleberry, but I do not think he would have had anything to do with such a horrid thing. Actually, the more I ponder over Jim, the more I realize that he was never a bad person. He deserves to be free. But how could I do that without being mistaken for a filthy abolisionist? I've not a clue yet.

My sickness is growing worse by the day. I feel that the end is near for me. I have figured out a plan to free Jim. I will sign his freedom papers, and since I am dying, it won't matter if people see me as an abolistionist. I am happy to finally be leaving this place. I know that I will be treated a lot better by Him and maybe I will even reuinite with Huckleberry in Heaven. Oh, how lucky he is. He is away from his Pap and all of the other troubles in this world. I will surely be with him soon... Free...